Bruins Fastpitch Club

The Bruins Fastpitch Club is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage, promote and provide morale and financial assistance to the girls’ softball program at Cherry Creek High School.  As such, the Bruins Fastpitch Club supports the Cherry Creek softball program in a number of areas:  

·         Uniforms
·         Practice Gear
·         Equipment, Maintenance, Repair
·         Website and Web Maintenance
·         Game Day Activities
·         Underwriting All-Player Banquet  fees for players & coaches
·         Tournament meals
·         Team Dinners
·         Game Day Snacks
·         Team T-Shirt

The Cherry Creek Softball Program is funded by:
·         Bruins Fastpitch Club Player Fees - All softball athletes will be assessed a season fee of $175 due on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at the 6:30 First Pitch Meeting at West CafĂ©
·         Bruins Fastpitch Club Fundraising

With school district athletic budgets at historically low levels, it is imperative that our booster club families support Cherry Creek Softball.  In addition to the player assessment, the Bruins Fastpitch Club conducts fundraising projects to subsidize the needs of the softball program.  We are a small group, therefore full participation becomes crucial to the success of our fundraising efforts


Gaye Martin
Vice President
Dave Harris

Lisa Meumann

Communications Director
Jo Henderson
303 779 0948
Fundraising Director